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Restore the harmony of your soul and body.


is the perfect way to relieve both physical and mental fatigue. The fast pace of life, everyday worries and problems, constant mental tension - all this makes us feel exhausted and deprived of energy. At such a moment, a good massage is a real pleasure for the body and spirit.

Classic massage

It has an extensive range of applications. It improves physical well-being, relaxes and reduces the stress effects. It relaxes muscles, boosts joint mobility, and regenerates the body. It acts as an analgesic. When used regularly, it helps to get rid of fatty tissue. It can be a whole body massage or performed on a specific body part.

Massage for pregnant women or young mothers

The massage reduces pain in the back, muscles and joints, and improves blood and lymph circulation. It allows to maintain good shape and ensures blissful relaxation. It reduces leg swelling. It guarantees a quick recovery after pregnancy, and the well-being of the future mother and baby.

Hot stone massage

The massage is especially recommended for people looking for calmness and relaxation, and those struggling with joint and rheumatic ailments. It deeply warms up, restores the proper energy level and increases blood flow through the muscles. It has an analgesic effect. What is more, the skin after the treatment is better nourished and oxygenated.

Chinese cupping massage

It has a wide therapeutic and cosmetic application. It regenerates muscles and joints. It stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles. It reduces body fat and reduces cellulite, which is why it is called a slimming massage. It supports the removal of toxins and redundant metabolic products. It reduces lymphedema. Thanks to it, the production of collagen increases and the skin becomes resilient and smooth. Effects visible after just a few treatments!

Neck and head massage

This massage is intended mainly for people who spend most of their time sitting. The head and neck are the places where the most stress accumulates. The massage relieves tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle as well as reduces stress. It relieves headaches, eliminates fatigue and improves mood.

Foot massage

The massage relaxes overloaded foot muscles and improves blood circulation. It eliminates the feeling of tired, and heavy legs. It has a healing effect on the entire body due to the receptors in the feet, which are connected to the organs of the body by a network of energy channels. It calms and relaxes.

Relaxing massage with aromatherapy

Massage for body and soul. Especially recommended for people who suffer from headaches, stress, and insomnia. The movements are cohesive, gentle and harmonious. It is a relaxing massage with the use of aromatic oils that stimulate the senses, which are selected depending on the patient’s preferences. We use only 100% natural essential oils during our treatments. This can be an entire body massage or performed on a specific body part.

Sports massage

This massage is intended for people with an active lifestyle. It relaxes the muscles, prevents injuries and has an analgesic effect. It supports regeneration after intense exercise and allows to prepare the body for the next demanding workouts. It reduces the effects of overtraining, such as: insomnia, agitation or high levels of stress hormones.

Herbal pouch massage

It is a combination of the benefits of aromatherapy, thermal therapy, and acupressure. It originates from the Thai tradition. The pouches used for this massage are filled with a mixture of beneficial herbs, the active substances of which are released during the massage and absorbed into the hot skin, releasing a relaxing aroma. The massage brings relief to tired and overworked people. It soothes muscle and joint pain and improves skin firmness. It also stimulates the immune system. It helps in case of ailments of the upper respiratory tract, e.g. asthma. It has a relaxing effect on both the body and mind.

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