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One of the most amazing ways to relax.


Floating, or Restricted environmental stimulation therapy, consists in reducing about 90% of external stimuli. It is an innovative form of therapy that has a positive effect on both our body and mind. During the session, deep silence, peace, blissful warmth and a state similar to levitation evoke feelings comparable to those experienced by a baby in the womb. Due to the lack of any stimuli-sensations affecting our senses, the brain relaxes and reaches the state of deep meditation (Theta waves). The body and mind rest and regenerate 4-5 times faster than during sleep. Our organism starts producing painkillers and the so-called happiness hormones, while the stress hormone cortisol is removed.

How does it work?

The cosmos is no longer the only place free from gravity. The spacious cabin is filled with a saturated solution of Epsom salt, which creates conditions similar to the ones found in the Dead Sea. This enables the body to float on the surface of the water without any effort and allows each of the muscles to relax – thanks to which we have a feeling of levitation. Owing to the water temperature close to the body temperature, the boundary between the body and water disappears. Your senses turn off, you feel that you are overwhelmed by peace and inner bliss, the mind is freed from analysis, and the body reaches a full state of relaxation and begins to regenerate itself.


The therapy is addressed to everyone – regardless of age, gender or problems they face on a daily basis. It can be used by children, pregnant women, the elderly, all those in need of rest, relaxation and stress relief. Professional athletes have been using floating treatments for many years. Olympians, world champions, players of many disciplines regularly apply the therapy to increase the effectiveness of training and regenerate the psyche.

Note! Children use floating under the care (or upon consent) of their parents.


  • open wounds
  • otitis
  • herpes
  • pacemaker
  • venous thrombosis
  • epilepsy
  • mental illnesses (severe depression or psychosis)
  • first pregnancy trimester
  • Skin damage, irritation and infections
  • Skin ulcers


You should not drink coffee or alcohol before the floating session. Have your last meal at least 1.5 hours before the session. Do not epilate or shave the skin 24 hours before the session, as this may cause discomfort in the brine bath.


Floating should not be used by women in the first trimester of pregnancy. There are no contraindications in the following months. Floating relieves backache, relaxes the muscles and improves overall physical well-being.


You decide whether to close the capsule. You can use it with the lid ajar. You decide whether you float in the light or in the dark.


  1. Before using floating, read the contraindications.
  2. You should come to the appointment 15 minutes before the indicated time, early arrival will allow you to change clothes, arrange the necessary formalities and calmly prepare for the planned treatment.
  3. The session times provided in the price list refer only to the floating treatment itself. A shower before and after, drying the hair and the training time are not included in the treatment time.
  4. You will receive cosmetics, a dryer, towels and slippers from us.
  5. Before the session, you should take a shower (thoroughly wash your body and head), wash off your make-up, pin your hair up, and remove any jewellery.
  6. If you wear contact lenses, leave them in the locker-room.
  7. Before using the treatment, please mute your mobile phone so you could experience complete relaxation and relief.
  8. In the room with the capsule you will be alone, if you need to contact the staff – you can call them by pressing the button.
  9. You will be informed about the completed session by a signal. If your relaxation is so deep that you will not hear it, we shall wake you up with a subtle knock.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to use the spa while under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs.
  11. Menstruation is a contraindication to using floating sessions.

Application and effectiveness

The effectiveness of a floating session has already been confirmed by many pieces of research. Scientists confirm the effectiveness of the therapy in ailments such as: stress, depression, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, autoimmune diseases, degeneration of the joints and spine defects.


  •  in strengthening the immune system
  •  to improve efficiency, concentration and memory, as well as creativity
  •  to reduce stress and increase vitality and energy, it also removes the stress hormone
  •  in increasing libido, fertility, and sexual activity
  •  in the regeneration of the locomotor organs
  •  to improve mood and well-being; the explosion of the so-called happiness hormones
  •  in competitive sports, in regeneration and mental training
  •  in enhancing fitness, body awareness and self-esteem
  •  during pregnancy; it reduces stress and relieves the spine
  •  in rejuvenating treatments; it intensively and naturally moisturises and firms the skin
  •  in dermatology, it treats atopic dermatitis
  • in slimming treatments; it eliminates cellulite, shapes the body

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